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Feel the weightlessness
Zero-G Flights aboard IL-76 MDK aircraft

The «IL-76 MDK» wide-body airplane is a unique flying laboratory, which can create short-term weightless conditions. To achieve a short-term micro-gravity, the aircraft flies in a parabolic pattern that is called Kepler curve, rising to a height of about 20,000 feet, and then curving downward. People feel weightlessness in the upper point of parabola. It lasts from 22 to 30 seconds depending on flight accomplishment conditions and can be recreated up to 15 times within one flight. The Zero-G flight lasts 1,5 -2 hours. A few seconds of finding in the state of "lunar gravity", which is much less than our terrestrial and a few seconds of stay in a gravity that is 2.5 - 3 times more than a terrestrial and slightly less than on the planet Neptune.

Total time of your stay in weightless conditions can be approximately 450 seconds.