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You have a unique opportunity to visit all the main enterprises of the aerospace industry.
Tour over the unique space objects of the country will amaze with the scale and technical perfection.

- Tours to the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
Excursions to:
- the Mission Control Center at Korolev city
- the Rocket-Space Corporation "Energia" n.a. S.P. Korolev
- Lavochkin Research and Production Association (NPO n.a. Lavochkin)
- Monino Aviation Museum
- Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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  • State Organization "Gagarin Research&Test Cosmonaut Training Center" was built to support manned space programs, space exploration activities, space engineering, cosmonauts' training, as well as ensuring cosmonauts' safety in space and providing post-flight rehabilitation program for cosmonauts.
  • Mission control center (MCC, sometimes called a flight control center or operations center) is the largest research unit that performs a key role in the management of space flights. One of the few unique centers in the world that is capable to manage about 20 manned and automatic spacecrafts simultaneously and provide large international projects.
  • RSC "ENERGIA" n.a. S.P. Korolev is a leading Russian rocket and space enterprise, the main organization for manned space systems. It operates the works on the creation of automatic space and rocket systems (launch and interorbital transportation means), high-tech systems of various purposes for use in non-cosmic spheres.
  • NPO Lavochkin is the Russian aerospace company. It is one of the leading Russian enterprises for the development and production of space information systems, the head organization of the industry in the creation and practical use of complexes for fundamental scientific (planetary and astrophysical) research, study of the sun, solar-terrestrial relations. It is a major player in the Russian space program, being the developer and manufacturer of the Fregat upper stage, as well as interplanetary probes such as Fobos-Grunt.